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  1. The Spreckels Theatre is a non smoking venue. Smoking is not permitted within 20 feet outside of any entrance or exit.
  2. Parking Permits and posting MUST be requested a minimum of seven (7) working days prior to your event. Posted parking is for active loading and unloading only. Please be aware that all other parking outside of the Spreckels Theatre will be subject to ticketing.
  3. Cast and crew MUST enter and exit through the Backstage Door. Only cast and crew and valid pass holders will be permitted backstage.
  4. Cast and crew must receive guests outside the Backstage Door.
  5. Cast members are not permitted in the auditorium or lobby unless there is a scheduled autograph signing event.
  6. Lobby doors will open to the public thirty (30) minutes prior to curtain
  7. A minimum length of fifteen (15) minutes for intermission is required for all shows, unless other arrangements have been written into your Contract prior to signing.
  8. The burning of incense, sage, candles and/or any other combustibles is strictly prohibited in the Spreckels Theatre dressing rooms, rehearsal areas, loading bays, or any common areas of the theatre.
  9. All permits for stage combustibles must be obtained in advance of load-in and in sufficient time to have your paperwork in place to use these stage effects in your performance(s). If you do not have proper permits that are currently in force at the time of your performances, the Spreckels Theatre Management will not permit your combustible/incendiary stage effects to be used on Spreckels Theatre stage.
  10. Confetti cannons are strictly prohibited from use at the Spreckels Theatre. Confetti and bubble machines are not permitted for use in this venue.


  1. Merchandise must be counted in no later than one hour prior to performance curtain time.
  2. Merchandise sales are confined to two (2) six (6) foot tables only in the area designated by Spreckels Theatre Management.
  3. All merchandise displays must be free standing and self supporting.
  4. No adhesives, nails, or hangers are allowed on any surfaces of the Spreckels Theatre Building or lobby.
  5. There are no hang-points for merchandise or displays, and they are not permitted in the Spreckels Theatre lobby.
  6. Merchandise that has adhesives, stickers, etc., is not allowed to be sold to the audience prior to their exit at the end of each performance.


  1. No posters or advertising is permitted on the Spreckels Theatre Building or on any exterior public property (light posts, trash receptacles, etc.) without the written consent of the Spreckels Theatre Management.
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