Spreckels Theatre:

Welcome to San Diego’s historic site Spreckels Theatre. Situated in the heart of the downtown Theatre District on Broadway, we are conveniently adjacent to the Federal Plaza, Horton Plaza, and the Gaslamp District. The building is close to all transportation, freeways, the airport, the train station, as well as the bus and trolley lines. This bustling neighborhood abounds with hotels, restaurants, bars, and shopping. You will discover that our building provides the ideal setting for your show or event in a location that simply cannot be beat.


Commercial Rate* Not For Profit Rate*

*Spreckels theatre is also available for film and video shoots, sound recording, and special events,
 please contact us for more information.


Stage Measurements

  • Proscenium Opening – 24′ high by 39’6″ wide
  • Working Depth, upstage of Main Curtain to back wall – 50′
  • Width of Stage – 88′ SL wall to SR wall
  • Grid Height – 75’6″
  • Pin Rail and fly floors set SR and SL at 30′ above stage
  • Distance from projection booth to curtain line – 67′
  • Distance from Balcony Rail to Curtain Line – 59′
  • Angle of Balcony Rail, relative to stage floor – 30 Degrees
  • Furthest upstage working line set – 38’6″ from curtain line (sets can be rigged as necessary)
  • The house currently provides 32 working line sets, in a mix of half and full sets. All sets are hemp, not arbor.
  • Sets can be swapped, as necessary. (See backstage floor plan included in this package.)


The stage flooring is tempered masonite, painted black, laid atop the original hardwood deck. The deck is “tongue and groove” construction, laid across wooden sleepers. The masonite extends forty feet deep, and is an excellent danceable surface.

 The Orchestra Pit

The orchestra pit is a permanent concrete area, 39′ by 6′, plus 3′ extension under the front lip of the stage.

 Curtains / Soft Goods

  • 1x burnished gold teaser
  • 8x black leg (30′ x 9′)
  • 1x burnished gold Grand Curtain
  • 3x black boarder (8′ x 50′) (rigged to fly or travel)
  • 2x black velour (25′ x 50′)
  • 1x black orchestra pit masking
  • 1x black backing velour (25′ x 50′)

 Company Switch

Two independent 400 amp, three-phase services; down stage right. Additional power can be tapped, approximately 150′ from stage.

Vehicle Access

There are two (2) loading bays feeding directly to the backstage. The stage door is offstage right, at 910 Broadway Circle. This also serves as the primary loading access. There is no loading dock. Semi’s must park on street to unload and should carry their own ramp. Parking permits are required, and the City of San Diego requires that there is no parking on sight during the run of the shows.

Rehearsal Hall

Full width under the stage. Does have support columns scattered about. Floor is concrete; not suitable for dance. LIMITED ACCESS due to fire regulations.

Dressing rooms

  • 3 room “Star” dressing suite stage left on stage level, with a private restroom (commode, sink, and shower)
  • 7 stage right dressing rooms on second floor, 2 restrooms and 2 showers in hall
  • 7 stage left dressing rooms on second floor, 2 restrooms and 2 showers in hall
  • The second floor dressing rooms will accommodate 2-7 persons each. Dressing rooms are outfitted with
  • mirrors, makeup lights, chairs, and sinks with hot and cold running water.

 Stage Right

  • R-1 — 4 persons
  • R-2 — 3 persons
  • R-3 — 4 persons
  • R-4 — 7 persons
  • R-5 — 2 persons
  • R-6 — 3 persons
  • R-7 — 2 persons

Stage Left

  • L-1 — 2 persons
  • L-1 — 2 persons
  • L-1 — 2 persons
  • L-1 — 6 persons
  • L-1 — 4 persons
  • L-1 — 3 persons
  • L-1 — 2 persons

Wardrobe generally sets up in Dressing Room #11. If the company size makes this impossible, wardrobe can set up in the basement. There is no washer or dryer in the theatre proper, but there is a washer and dryer located in the basement of the building.

Technical Plots

Line plot and lighting plot and backstage plots may be accessed by these links.


Lighting Information

  • 4 – On-stage electrical pipes (4-line hempsets)
  • 3 – Balcony rails; left, center, and right. 15-20 amp load circuits are pulled to the balcony, terminating stage right in 20 amp pin connectors (Union Connector 2p&g). Balcony rail will accommodate up to 30 instruments. There is room in the box seats, left and right, for boom positions. (Request permanent house plot.)

Lighting Equipment

  • Ellipsoidals-Altman 6X9-750 watt Quartz . 6X12-750 watt Quartz . 6X16-750 watt Quartz
  • Fresnels 8″-1K . 10″-2K [153 instruments]
  • PAR Fixtures Par 64-1K [6 instruments]
  • Cyc Lights 3 Circuit/Single Circuit [45 instruments]
  • Strips 6’3 Circuit [8 instruments]
  • Control Board Access Pro [1 Board]
  • Dimmers CD-80 [8 dimmers]
  • Cable and Twofers [Various]

Follow Spots

Two follow spots are available for rent.

Please note that this is a "road house", providing 32 hemp line sets only. There are sandbags available, but no draperies (save those listed above), and no paging system to the dressing rooms. An inventory of available lighting and sound equipment is included in this technical package.

Walk-throughs of the theatre are scheduled by appointment only. Drop-ins cannot be accommodated.
Contact Shaun Davis, Theatre Manager: