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The RAW Space

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*The RAW Space*

696 First Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101
O: (619) 234-8397 C: (914) 837-3012

(four hour minimum)

Basic Rent

Long term Contract Deposit/Guarantee
Base Rent at Contract signing, in advance

(In addition to the above)

Electricity Fee
Cleaning Fee

Administrative Expenses

Box Office Treasurer*****



$650.00 per week*
or $150.00 per day**
or $35.00 per hour****
Overtime $40.00 per hour


$ 200.00 per week
$   35.00 per day
$ 150.00 per week
$   25.00 per cleaning

$ 100.00 per week
$    25.00 per day

Prevailing Rates

See Attached Letter

20 % of gross sales

*1”Week” equals 6 days out of 7 days of 30 hours (plus $40 per overtime hour)
**1 “Day” equals 1 show, or 8 consecutive hours (plus $40 per overtime hour)
*** covers actual base rent for first 1st week and last week of paid shows
**** four hour minimum following official opening night (after previews)
*****Ticket Services prevailing contract rates (TBD)

Restoration Fee at BO: $1.00 per ticket sold to patron
(not charged to production)

Small lighting package included in day rates only

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