Spreckels Ticket Policy

  • 01
    Tickets are assigned by offering the best seats available at the time of purchase.
  • 02
    All ticket sales are final. Refunds, exchanges, and retroactive discounts are not allowed unless...
  • 03
    Refunds and exchanges are not given unless the performance is cancelled, rescheduled, or a state of emergency has been declared.
  • 04
    Artists and show times are subject to change and are beyond management's control.
  • 05
    Plan to arrive at the theatre with ample time before the show to pick up tickets, buy your concessions, and take your seat. Each show's producer determines the seating policy for late arriving guests. In some instances latecomers will be required to wait in the lobby until a there is a natural break in the show before being permitted to go to their seats.
  • 06
    Everyone must have a ticket, regardless of age. Children under the age of 2 are not generally allowed in the theatre except for family programming.
  • 07
    Take care not to purchase your tickets through an unauthorized third party. We cannot guarantee that they are valid tickets, and cannot guarantee that they will qualify you for admission.
  • 08
    Tickets purchased through an unauthorized third party will not be replaced if lost, stolen, or revoked, and we will not provide refunds for them.
  • 09
    We cannot contact you with information regarding cancellations, changes, or other important show information if you buy from an unauthorized third party.
  • 10
    Counterfeit tickets will not be honored for admission to events at the Spreckels Theatre.
  • 11
    Keep your ticket stubs as proof of your seat location and sit in your assigned seats. Those who change their seat location may be asked to move back to their rightful seat, or to leave the theatre.