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Q: What are the Box Office hours?

A: The Box Office located in the Grand Lobby is open Monday through Friday from 12 noon through 6PM for walk up sales and show information. The Box Office is always open two hours before the start of all ticketed events. You may also call Ticketmaster with ticket orders over the phone during these hours at (800) 745-3000 or the 24/7 Hotline for information at (619) 235-9500.

Q: How can I get the best seats for the show?

A: We always sell the best seats available at your price point at the time of your ticket purchase. The earlier you buy tickets once they go on sale, the better the odds are that you will like your seat locations. However, that being said, the Spreckels Theatre was designed with the audience in mind. Its intimate setting coupled with an unobstructed view from every seat and great acoustics really provide a fine viewing experience from every seat in the house.

Q: What time should I arrive at the theatre for a performance?

A: Our Box Office opens two hours before each performance begins. We open the theatre doors to the public one half (1/2) hour prior to the time a performance begins. We suggest you judge your arrival with ample time to park your car, pick up you tickets at the Box Office, use the rest room, purchase your concessions, and take your seat prior to the show's opening curtain.

Latecomers may be asked to wait to enter the theatre in the lobby until a break occurs in the show. This policy differs from show to show depending on the policy determined by the show producer or presenter.

Q: Do you offer discounts for groups, students, or the military?

Each show's presenter determines the discount policy. Check when you purchase your tickets for each production.

Q: How do I find out about single ticket discounts?

Each show's presenter determines the discount policy. Check when you purchase your tickets for each production.

Q: Where do I park when I drive to the Spreckels Theatre?

A: The Spreckels Building has a convenient parking garage on Broadway Circle/2nd ave just south of Broadway in the basement level directly under the theatre lobby. The Spreckels Garage provides valet parking for all Spreckels Theatre performances on a first come first served basis. There is a set of stairs and three elevators that will covey you from the garage to the theatre's Grand Lobby and Box Office.

There are many parking garages and lots in the Theatre District and directly adjacent to the Spreckels Theatre Building if you choose an alternative venue to park your car. Then you will access the Grand Lobby at street level under the Spreckels Theatre marquee.

Q: What is the best way to stay informed about upcoming events and shows at the Spreckels Theatre?

Check our listings at this website under Calendar of Events

Q: I am bringing a small child to a performance. Does he/she need a ticket?

A: Yes, all of our patrons, regardless of their age, must have a ticket to enter the theatre for one of our events. Infants are often not permitted into many events due the potential distractions they can cause the other patrons. When we are featuring children's programming, all ages are welcome, with tickets, of course.

It might be sensible to call ahead of attending an event at the Spreckels Theatre to ask our staff, if you have a question about the age appropriateness a certain show. In that case call (619) 235-9500 during business hours from Monday through Friday from 12 noon until 5PM.

Q: What is the proper "theatre etiquette" when attending a show at the Spreckels Theatre?

A: We want every one of our patrons to have a wonderful and unforgettable experience while attending the Spreckels Theatre. Follow the Golden Rule and "do unto others".

Please arrive at the theatre with enough time to take your seats before the lights dim for the scheduled performance time.

We ask that all patrons stay seated in their assigned seats as listed on their tickets during the entire performance, so everyone can see the show without obstruction.

We require that noise is kept to a minimum to insure that everyone can hear everything clearly. So please keep chatter to a minimum. Before the performance begins turn off your noise making devices like cell phones, pagers, and watch alarms. Unwrap candy wrappers or other packaging prior to the performance or during the intermission.

The use of cameras, video devices, recording devices, and cell phone cameras, are strictly forbidden by law.

Q: What is considered the proper dress code while attending a performance at the SpreckelsTheatre?

A: Clothing is a personal choice and we would counsel our patrons to dress in a manner that makes them feel comfortable. The Spreckels Theatre encourages your attendance, but believes that how you are attired for the theatre going experience is secondary to the sense that you, your family, and your friends feel welcome. Quite often the event itself imposes its own dress code on the patrons' sensibility, as the distinction between attending a classical concert and a rock concert. But it is up to you. We want you to enjoy yourself and have a good time without the need to feel self conscious.

We do have a restriction against entering the theatre without shoes or shirt. We also ask you to remove hats and headpieces, and large masks due to the obstructions they can cause to those sitting behind you. (There are some performances that encourage the wearing of costumes, masks, theatrical make-up, and headpieces).

Q: Do you provide services for patrons with special needs or disabilities?

A: Yes. We welcome all patrons with disabilities interested in attending a performance or an event at the Spreckels Theatre. We provide for the special needs of our patrons that require special services. We offer companion seating, wheelchair curbside drop-off, enhanced hearing devices, and visually impaired seating for those that require them. For more information please call (619) 235-9500 during business hours Monday through Friday from 12 noon through 5PM. (Services for Guests with Special Needs)

If your party requires curbside wheelchair assistance at the Spreckels Theatre for a performance, please call ahead at (619) 235-9500 in advance of the appointed show and we will be happy to help.

For information on group bus parking call (619) 235-9500.

Q: What time should I arrive for a show or performance?

A: We suggest that you arrive at the theatre at least 45 minutes before the scheduled curtain time. Arriving early assures an unrushed opportunity to park your car, visit the facilities, buy snacks and drinks, pick up your tickets, and take your seat without disturbing the other guests' show experience.

Q: Are there restaurants in the area where I can dine before or after the performance?

A: The neighborhood around the Spreckels Theatre abounds with eateries, fine restaurants, food shacks, and bars well suited to a pre-performance or post-performance meal or drink.

Q: Do you sell food, soft drinks, or alcohol at the Spreckels Theatre?

A: We sell snacks, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverage at our full service bar. The concession bars open before curtain and are also open at intermission.

Q: May we eat or drink during a performance in the auditorium?

A: The Spreckels Theatre policy encourages eating and drinking in the Grand Lobby and the interior lobby areas. We do not allow food or drink into the Spreckels Theatre auditorium. It is our formal entertainment area. If you liken our historic site auditorium, to your living room at home, we seek to protect the elegant d├ęcor, and custom loomed carpet, and imported chair coverings as long as possible for our special guests, who are our ticket buying public.

This policy is necessary to ensure that the theatre architectural elements and furnishings are protected from chocolate candy melted into the seats, cola spilled on the carpet, or even gunk stuck under the armrests. Future generations of audiences in San Diego will take justifiable enjoyment in the same spectacular auditorium environment that you do at the shows you attend.

Q: Am I permitted to record, photograph, or video a performance at the Spreckels Theatre?

A: All public performances are regulated by strict copyright infringement protections, contract agreements, and intellectual property laws that the Spreckels Theatre must honor and enforce, and our patrons need to respect. Therefore the use by paying customers of all cameras, video devices, recording devices and cell phone cameras are strictly forbidden at all performances without exception. They are also disruptive to the other audience members' quiet enjoyment of the performance.

Q: Our company/group is interested in presenting a performance/show/concert/event, at the Spreckels Theatre. Who can I speak to about booking information?

A: We encourage anybody who is interested in presenting a show or event in the historic Spreckels Theatre to contact us for the availability of your desired dates and our Rate Menu. In our one hundred year history we have become experts in helping our presenters, promoters and producers stage every kind of event. We have a first class professional staff to operate the facility at its top form in support of you and your event, and will strive to ensure your success.(Book Your Event)

For Booking Information please contact Theatre Manager Shaun Davis at shaun@spreckels.net or call him at (619) 234-8397.You may also call the Spreckels Office at (619) 234-8397

Q: Do you rent out the theatre auditorium or lobby for Special Events like conferences/conventions/weddings/graduations/fundraisers/school events/award ceremonies/private parties?

A: Yes. When we are not hosting a theatrical presentation, the majestic Spreckels Theatre is admirably suited for the purpose of special event gatherings on either a modest or grand scale. We have hosted a myriad of sparkling Special Events held in our theatre! We can customize your event to suit your every need.

The Grand Lobby is situated under a spectacular stained glass window by modern Israeli artist Jaakov Agam. This elegant, marble, two story location is an attractive and spacious venue suitable for receptions, before-theatre gatherings, after-theatre parties, luncheons, wedding receptions, special meeting and more. You imagination determines the limit on its usefulness for a gathering of up to 300 people.

For Booking Information please contact Theatre Manager Shaun Davis at shaun@spreckels.net or call him at (619) 234-8397. You may also call the Spreckels Office to leave a message at (619) 234-8397.

Q: Can I volunteer to work with the Spreckels Theatre staff?

A: Yes. We welcome volunteers. We are justifiably proud of our dedicated crew of Spreckels Theatre volunteers. They provide an invaluable service to our patrons as ushers, ticket takers, concessionaires, and more. Many are retired seniors with a passion for the arts. Some find it a wonderful way to donate time to the theatre and in return attend a performance without the price of admission. But it is a position that requires a dedication, responsibility, and willingness to work, even if it spans only a few hours of time per performance.

We look forward to exploring ways in which you will enjoy volunteering .We are always happy to welcome more good people of all ages and walks of life to join our volunteer crew. Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older. If you are interested in investigating the opportunity to join our team of Spreckels volunteers call (619) 235-9500, or email Shaun at usher@spreckels.net.

Q: Are there employment opportunities at the Spreckels Theatre?

A: Equal access to our employment opportunities are available to all persons. Applicants seeking access to our job openings and the interview process should notify us at through our Human Resource Department. The Spreckels Theatre is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. Unless otherwise noted please submit your cover letter and resume by email to shaun@spreckels.net. Please note the job title you are applying for in the subject line of you email. You may also submit your resume and cover letter by mail to:

Human Resources
Spreckels Theatre
121 Broadway, Suite 600
San Diego, CA 92101

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