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If you are interested in applying for positions, please submit a resume along with a cover letter detailing your qualification to the following address:

Spreckels Theatre
Human Resources Department
121 Broadway, Suite 600
San Diego, CA 92101

You may also email your resume to: shaun@spreckels.net

Should we determine that your qualifications are the best we are looking for we will contact you for interview.Please include in you cover letter which position you are applying for. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.

Full Time Positions: Nothing at present

Part Time Positions: Nothing at present

Internships: Nothing at present


At the present time there are no availabilities in the Spreckels Theatre Volunteer Corps. Vacancies do come up from time to time, so please be patient. We ask that you continue to check here to see if we have posted a new notice that we are again recruiting volunteers.

Thank you for your interest in our Volunteer Program. We are grateful to all of the hard working members of the Spreckels Theatre Volunteer Corp for their service, their commitment, and their time. We could not enjoy the success of our performance season without them. Our audience members count on our Volunteers for a wide range of information and help. Anyone over the age of 18 years old may participate as a Volunteer. To be accepted for service we require neat and clean appearance, courteous attitude, and good communication skills. Due to the physical demands of working in the theatre we require individuals free from physical limitations.

Those accepted for the privilege afforded by Volunteer service must undergo a training orientation before actually working on a show. There are rules and requirements our Volunteers need to meet.

  1. Volunteers need to arrive on time to their call prior to the show. They will be asked to help coordinate, prepare, and/or stuff the programs before the show. Volunteers who arrive at the theatre late to their appointed work call may be asked to leave the theatre.
  2. Volunteers need to be able to walk the aisles and steps at all levels of the theatre. They will work on their feet up through the opening curtain of the event. In a sold out show they will not be able to sit for the entire show.
  3. Volunteers need good people skills. On any given performance date our volunteers may be required to deal with a wide range of challenging situations that can crop up while dealing with the public. The Spreckels Volunteer Corps are the representatives of the Spreckels Theatre, and may be our only personal contact with our audience members. The audience must always be treated as our respected guests. A bad impression is never forgotten. A good impression lasts forever.
  4. Volunteers need to know the schedule for the performances, seating chart for the theatre, location of the lobbies, restrooms, concession counters, bars, and exits, and theatre security personnel.
  5. Volunteers need to stay at each performance at least ten minutes past the beginning of the second act of the performance. They may stay until the show is over.
  6. Volunteers may not eat, smoke, or use profanity in the Spreckels Theatre.
  7. Volunteers may not use cell phones, cameras, or recording devices of any kind in the Spreckels Theatre while on duty.
  8. Volunteers will dress in the appropriate attire, described as follows.
    1. Solid black dress skirts/trousers. Jeans are not acceptable attire
    2. Solid white shirt, or sweater, or sport coat (over white items) only. Men's shirts must be long sleeved only. Woman's shirts may be short sleeved, but not sleeveless.
    3. Solid black socks for men. Solid black, tan, or natural stockings for women.
    4. Solid black shoes for men. (No sports shoes) Solid black shoes for women. (No sport shoes or extreme heels)
    5. Long solid dark colored ties required for men.

If you are interested in applying for the Spreckels Theatre Volunteer Corps contact Shaun Dershem at usher@spreckels.net. No phone calls please.

About The Spreckels  |  History  |  Restoration & Renovation  |  Spreckels Office Rentals  |  Employment & Volunteering  |  Image Gallery  |  Press & Archive

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